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Save on Heating Oil with Dunn Oil Inc.

Dunn Home Heating Oil Dunn Home Heating Oil Save on Heating Oil with Dunn Oil Inc. home-heating

The gas prices are soaring out of control! Driving is becoming a luxury most people cannot afford. Don’t let your home or business suffer because of the increased costs. You and your customers deserve to be toasty warm as you lounge or conduct dealings and Save on. Dunn Oil Inc. can help! We service the Bucks & Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania.

Gas heating is becoming obsolete. As the prices skyrocket, fewer people are turning their heating on. This can be dangerous for your family, pets, and customers. Dunn Oil Inc. can help you switch to a more reasonable solution!

Benefits of Heating Oil:

  • Oil is safe. Unlike gas that can cause explosions or fire with a tiny spark, oil cannot ignite without temperatures of 140 degrees. A leak will not go undetected and is non-toxic.
  • Oil is effective. Unlike gas heating, the oil warms your home or business quickly. This leads to longer-lasting warmth and less consumption.
  • Oil is economical. As the gas prices climb quickly, oil is inexpensive. You could save hundreds or even thousands a year by switching.

Dunn Oil Inc. offers all the tools to help you switch to oil heating painlessly. Our company can install tanks, prime your furnaces, and deliver oil to your home or business on schedule. Not only do we offer full-service residential and office products, but also your off-road diesel needs!

Call us at (215) 450-5711, or visit our website at Dunn Oil Inc. today to save on your heating costs tomorrow! Kevin Dunn, owner, and operator of Dunn Oil Inc., can offer the lowest prices on all your oil needs. He is the man that can save you from increasing gas prices!

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