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Discover the Convenience of Dunn Heating Oil Inc.’s On-Site Fueling Services

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Looking for an efficient fuel solution to meet your company’s needs? Look no further than Dunn Heating Oil Inc.’s on-site fueling services. With our convenient and reliable fuel delivery options, we aim to provide businesses with a hassle-free solution to keep their operations running smoothly. Dunn Heating Oil Inc. stands out from the competition with […]

Dunn Oil: A Beacon of Trust in the Community for Heating Oil and Service

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Dunn Oil has established itself as a reliable and trusted heating oil and service source in the community. With a reputation for excellence that spans over a decade, Dunn Oil has become a beacon of trust for homeowners and businesses alike. As winter approaches, homeowners turn to Dunn Oil for their heating oil needs. The […]

5 Benefits Of Home Heating Oil


Oil heat is the safest, most efficient means to heat a home or business. Fuel oil is a very stable, combustible, non-explosive product, which addresses some of the safety concerns that surround other fuels. The efficiency is a result of the high BTU content found in a gallon of heating oil, versus an equal measure […]

Home Heating Oil Delivery FAQs – Philadelphia, PA

Dunn Oil heating delivery in PA

Are you curious about home heating options? Have you needed help to make a decision about if you should switch to home heating oil? Summer is the best time to decide how you will heat your home when winter comes. Dunn Oil Inc. is the home oil delivery service you can count on. They offer […]

Save on Heating Oil with Dunn Oil Inc.


The gas prices are soaring out of control! Driving is becoming a luxury most people cannot afford. Don’t let your home or business suffer because of the increased costs. You and your customers deserve to be toasty warm as you lounge or conduct dealings and Save on. Dunn Oil Inc. can help! We service the […]

Don’t Miss Out on Big Savings: Off-Road Diesel Sale at Dunnheatingoil.com!

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save big on off-road diesel sale at Dunnheatingoil.com! Our exclusive sale allows you to fuel your equipment and vehicles while keeping more money in your pocket. At Dunnheatingoil.com, we understand the importance of cost-effective solutions for your off-road needs. We are excited to offer this limited-time sale on […]

Home and Commercial Heating Oil – Philadelphia, PA

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Home and commercial heating oil is popular in the Northeast United States. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, a staggering 82% of homes and commercial businesses use heating oil as their primary source. One may choose to use heating oil as their primary source for several reasons. The two main reasons why people choose […]

Maximizing Efficiency: How Dunn Oil’s Advanced Heating Oil Prices Benefit You

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Maximizing Efficiency: How Dunn Oil’s Advanced Heating Oil Prices Benefit You At Dunn Oil, we understand the importance of maximizing efficiency while minimizing energy costs. Our advanced heating oil prices are designed to benefit you by providing a reliable and cost-effective solution to keep your home warm. Dunn Oil focuses on efficiency and ensures you […]

4 Advantages of Heating Oil


You may wonder if you should use gas or oil for your home or office? Are you upgrading your heating system or building a brand new home or business space? There are several advantages to choosing oil to keep you toasty in those long winter months. Dunn Oil Inc. services Horsham, PA, and surrounding areas. […]