Cover Your Air Conditioner and Swamp Cooler

Air conditioners and swamp coolers are great ways to keep your house cool during the blistering
months. Cold air can seep through these machines when fall rolls around and the days become
cooler. You should measure the device to know the dimensions. Then purchase a cover from a
local hardware store or online retailer. Also, don’t forget to close your swamp cooler damper. It is
a long, thin, movable piece. Slide it into place, so the warm air doesn’t escape.

Block Air Drafts from Your Chimney

Purchase a chimney balloon for your fireplace. These inflatable devices keep the outside air
from entering your home. These products will reduce airflow during the freezing winter nights or
hot summer evenings. A fireplace during winter can save you hundreds on heating costs, but
when not in use can cause cold temperatures. You insert the balloon inside your chimney while
the fireplace is not in use. Simply pull it out in the morning when you are ready for the day’s fire.
No worries if you forget about the balloon. It will deflate if it senses smoke. After a while, you will
want to replace the chimney balloon as it becomes filled with soot and damage from constant
removal. You can purchase these from local home improvement stores on online retailers, such
as Amazon.

Raise Your Door’s Threshold

Adjusting your door’s threshold can save money during the winter and summer months. If you
notice light gaping through the bottom of your door, a ton of air is seeping in. You can usually
alter the threshold by turning the small screws at the base to raise it. Be aware that the door will
not shut properly if you lift it too much. You could buy draft stoppers or use a rolled-up towel as
well. You can purchase draft stoppers at your local stores or online retailers.

Blanket your Windows with Plastic

This trick has been around for ages. In older windows and panes, air seeps through all the
crevices. The glass is thin, so air can easily penetrate through. If you cover your windows with
plastic, you will significantly reduce your heating costs. You can use polyethylene food wrap or
painter’s plastic. If the plastic is thin, you can use a hairdryer to flatten it out, and the plastic will
fit snuggly. Painter’s plastic is a thicker material but harder to see through.

Secure Your Doors and Windows

Safety is always a priority. Did you know that locking uptight can prevent air drafts? When you
lock your home, the mechanism will tighten against the frame. Any small cracks will seal,
blocking unwanted airflow. This helps keep your home toasty in the winter and cool during the

Seal Small Rifts

After a while, caulking around your doors, windows, corners, and even bathtubs need
touch-ups. Small cracks can be anywhere, apply to even the smallest of places. You can
purchase weatherproof caulking from a local store or online businesses. This type of material
will take less time to deteriorate. The caulking works in all weather, such as freezing cold,
sizzling sun, or extreme rain.

Use Weather Stripping

Weatherstripping is the ideal method to keep your house at a comfortable level. Once a year,
you should remove and replace your current weather stripping. When it gets old and frail, it
stops working correctly. Approximately 12% of household temperature flies through your doors
and windows. The stripping is impeccable for both the winter and summer months. This product
is inexpensive and easy to install. You can find it at most retail stores, usually in the fall.