You may wonder if you should use gas or oil for your home or office? Are you upgrading your heating system or building a brand new home or business space? There are several advantages to choosing oil to keep you toasty in those long winter months. Dunn Oil Inc. services Horsham, PA, and surrounding areas. We offer competitive prices and free delivery!
Heating Oil is Safe

Plain and simple, heating oil is not a flammable product. It is like water. If a spark or flame touches the oil, it fizzles away. Heating oil works by moving through a mechanism inside your heating element. So, unlike gas, if you have a leak or a fire, the heating oil will not explode. Dunn Oil Inc. can install brand new tanks in your business or home if you are considering switching to heating oil.
Heating Oil is Better for the Environment

While the initial cost of oil can be expensive, your seasonal heating will be cheaper in the long run. Using oil can reduce your heating costs by approximately 15% yearly. Those are incredible savings. This depends solely on how much you use to keep your family or employees cozy through the winter. Dunn Oil Inc. offers competitive prices and a pre-pay plan so you will never run out of heating oil.
Warmth, so Much Warmth

Oil burns hotter than natural gas or electricity. This will help your home or office get up to temperature quicker. You will not have to wait long when you run your hot water for a shower or to wash dishes. Heating oil is fantastic to keep you toasty all day long without using much oil. Dunn Oil Inc. can prime your furnace and install new tanks for your home or business.
Heating Oil is Adequate

We all want the most bang for our buck. Heating oil accomplishes that goal. The amount of oil you use is just a fraction of how much gas you would use for the same square feet. Oil burns longer, lasts longer, and will heat more of your space than gas or electric. The efficiency of heating oil outweighs the initial price points. With Dunn Oil Inc., you will receive free delivery and only pay for the cost of the oil. You can request a pay upfront plan as well.

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