Winter begins officially on December 21st. However, many regions, including Pennsylvania, are becoming chilly, especially in the evening and throughout the night. It is time to prepare for the cold, snowy months ahead. Home heating oil is an excellent method for keeping your family toasty through the blistering cold. Dunn Oil, in Horsham, PA, is a leader in all of your home heating oil needs. Why should you change to home heating oil?
Save Money

With inflation and gas prices running rampant, saving money is vital. Home heating oil can save you thousands a year on your electricity bills. Oil prices are on the decline across the US. This makes purchasing oil cheaper in the long run. Home heating oil burns longer, keeping your home or office warmer without turning up the thermostat. If you are new to home heating oil, Dunn Oil can install a new tank and get you up and running in no time.


Wood fireplaces and stoves can cause massive fires and smoke damage to your home or office. The leading causes of all house fires are space heaters and faulty wiring. Home heating oil is safe. The oil does not burn on its own. Therefore, it fizzles out if a spark or flame touches the oil. Once it goes through the furnace, an advanced mechanism heats the oil to warm your home. Also, you will not get sick from the fumes. Dunn Oil can set up and schedule delivery of your home heating oil. They can also deliver diesel to your farming or construction equipment.

Environmentally Safe

When you think of home heating oil, it may bring you back to the 1960s—a time when oil creates soot and burns dirty. As technology advances, times change. This is no longer the case. Home heating oil burns cleaner and more efficiently than in the past. In fact, home heating oil is now in the Environmental Protection Agency’s air pollution standards. Dunn Oil has competitive pricing, can install and maintain oil tanks/furnaces, and can inspect your current systems.

Call Dunn Oil today at (215) 450-5711 to discuss your home heating oil needs. You can also set up an appointment or view their services on their website. Don’t delay! Get your home toasty today with Dunn and home heating oil. Winter is coming, don’t be left in the cold.

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